10 Best White Label Forex Brokers 2024

Among the advantages that Sirix has to offer both brokers and traders, an additional element that the Sirix trader brings to brokers is the option for brokers to add their own logo and design scheme for a consistent brand identity. The future of trading has evolved and continues to grow and reach new levels, and brokers look for the revolutionists. Traders can access the platform through a web-based interface or choose to download the desktop application for enhanced functionality and speed. Additionally, Uptrader.io offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, enabling traders to stay connected and trade on the go. Key characteristics include the development of cryptocurrency exchanges, which aids companies in designing and running their own trading systems for virtual assets.

Regarding technology capabilities, B2Broker leverages cutting-edge solutions to ensure fast and reliable performance. The company utilizes high-performance matching engines, advanced risk management systems, and robust infrastructure to handle high volumes of trading activity. B2Broker’s technology delivers low latency and high scalability, allowing clients to take large order flows without compromising speed or stability. Similarly, comprehensive training resources like tutorials, educational materials, and webinars give partners the tools to upgrade their forex trading knowledge and abilities.

cheapest white label forex broker

A white label provider’s customer support infrastructure and training programs can be assessed to ensure dependable support and beneficial resources to help create a profitable forex business. Furthermore, brokers get access to a wide range of financial instruments and liquidity providers due to the partnership it enjoys with white-label providers. This enables them to offer diverse trading options to their clients, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Hundreds of forex brokers start as white label brokers before they operate as individual entities on their own.

Choosing a white label route as a forex provider means you don’t have to build your own platform, buy a server, find PSPs and payment solutions, handle the technical side of things, or deal with configurations or customizations. The ideal WL platform supplier will provide all the above services and more, all at a feasible cost for your brand. Leverate is a leading provider of white label forex solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services to brokers. Their flagship product is the LXSuite, which includes a trading platform, risk management tools, and a range of other features designed to help brokers attract and retain clients. Leverate’s white label solution also includes access to liquidity from multiple providers, ensuring competitive pricing and deep liquidity for clients. Another important factor to consider is the range of services and features offered by the white label provider.

In terms of pricing structure, Match-Trade.com offers flexible options, allowing clients to choose between a one-time license fee or a monthly subscription model. Finalto is a comprehensive provider of financial technology that combines cutting-edge platforms, a variety of market access, and cutting-edge technology to support traders and investors in their quest for financial success. In terms of pricing structure, ChainUp offers customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each client. Pricing may vary depending on the scope of services, technical specifications, and additional features desired. ChainUp aims to deliver cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. Soft Fx leverages cutting-edge technology capabilities to deliver reliable and high-performance solutions.

The risk management tools should help brokers manage their exposure and protect themselves from potential market risks. The back-office systems should streamline administrative tasks and provide real-time reporting and analytics. Lastly, the customer support should be responsive and knowledgeable, providing assistance whenever needed. X Open Hub is a popular forex white label solution provider known for its user-friendly platform and advanced trading technology. With an intuitive interface, traders can easily access a variety of trading tools and features, including multiple order types, real-time market data, and customizable charts.

cheapest white label forex broker

The platform also offers access to educational resources, trading ideas, and a supportive community. One of the critical features of Leverate is its comprehensive suite of trading tools and solutions. These include a robust trading platform, risk management systems, liquidity aggregation, and advanced analytics. Leverate’s platform is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced traders, offering a user-friendly interface combined with advanced charting and analysis tools. B2Broker is a powerful financial technology and liquidity provider, providing comprehensive solutions for firms wishing to start or strengthen their position in the digital currency and forex markets.

  • Clients with smaller accounts, on the other hand, normally prefer funding via credit card, since from a percentage basis, credit card fees will be relatively lower than wire fees for smaller deposits.
  • The platform offers access to various markets with competitive spreads, speedy executions, and advanced tools for technical analysis.
  • Leverate’s platform options are diverse, allowing brokers to choose the one that best suits their needs.
  • IBKR offers a vast selection of over 100 currency pairs for trading, including major pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD, as well as minor and exotic pairs.
  • Creating a forex brokerage platform is not an easy task, and previously, this undertaking was highly resource-intensive.

The pricing depends on the chosen solutions and services, with the option for additional modules and features as required. T4B’s transparent pricing model ensures that brokers receive value for their investments while maintaining cost efficiency. When it comes to choosing a Forex white label provider, it can be a daunting task to find the one that offers the best value for your cost.

cheapest white label forex broker

A comprehensive solution should include a robust trading platform, liquidity connectivity, risk management tools, back-office systems, and customer support. The trading platform should be user-friendly, stable, and offer a wide range of trading instruments and order types. The liquidity connectivity should provide access to multiple liquidity providers to ensure competitive pricing and fast execution.

cheapest white label forex broker

When it comes to pricing, X Open Hub is flexible and allows you to choose the services you need, so you can manage your expenses. The bundles start at $1,000 per month, allowing you to select the services that align with your needs and budget. They also provide consulting services for identifying initial broker requirements, meeting regulation standards, training, and marketing. Additionally, you will have access to 24/7 account manager support to assist you with any queries or concerns.

A strong FX white label back office support is essential to provide clients with a smooth user experience. White-label solutions first became popular in the early 2010s, allowing businesses to outsource their platforms and make indirect profits. Today, this is a multi-billion dollar industry that has entered numerous trading, investment and currency markets. The white label practice has also reached the forex industry, letting companies acquire a forex trading platform template and create a distinct brand without requiring development resources. Entering the market

When all the previous stages are completed, make your brokerage business ready to enter the Forex market. Test all the services and technical aspects, ensuring yourself everything is working correctly.

When you see the word “partial” applied to a white label solution, it is not referring to a partial/lower fee or a free trading solution of any kind. Whereas a “Full” White Label involves two key components, a branded trading platform and the ability to take deposits directly from customers, a partial solution does not. The partial setup Order And Execution Management Oems Trading does include the rebranded platform (with the name/logo of the partner on it), but not the ability to take deposits. A Forex White Label business enters into a partnership agreement with an existing FX brokerage firm to receive access to the broker’s trading platform and liquidity, but under the unique brand of the white label affiliate.

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White label forex brokers are those who provide trading platforms and services to other companies, who in turn offer these services to their own clients under their own brand name. Dukascopy is a Swiss-based online bank and forex broker that offers both white label services and a proprietary trading platform to clients. Their white label solution is designed to provide customization options to fit the needs of their partners, including access to over 60 currency pairs and competitive pricing. Additionally, their platform is known for its advanced charting capabilities and technical analysis tools, making it a popular choice for traders. Forex trading has become a popular investment option for many individuals and businesses looking to make profits from the global financial markets. Forex brokers play a crucial role in facilitating this process by providing a platform for traders to access the markets and execute trades.

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